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What is IntraFiⓇ Network Deposits?

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What is IntralFi Network Deposits?

IntraFi Network Deposits (formerly called CDARS or ICS, Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service or Insured Cash Sweep respectively) is a program that allows businesses and individuals to receive FDIC insurance on large deposits.Image of FDIC blocks

IntraFiⓇ Network Deposits allows individuals or businesses that invest large sums of money ($250,000+) or own multiple certificates of deposits (CDs) to secure FDIC insurance while managing these investments through one bank.

When using IntraFi Network Deposits, they will open various accounts within its network of FDIC-insured banks and then manage these investments for you. By utilizing this service, you can keep multi-million-dollar investments safe (up to $50 million total) while still complying with FDIC deposit amount regulations.

What are Certificates of Deposit? 

Certificate of Deposit, or CDs for short, are an investment strategy that allows the owner to earn money faster with a higher interest rate when compared to a standard savings account. The money must remain untouched for a set period of time, or a penalty will be issued if touched before the term ends.

In comparison, a traditional personal savings account has lower interest rates, and varying fees, and generally allows the owner to withdraw money at any given time.

Is IntraFiNetwork Deposits for me? 

If you or your business make large deposits of over $250,000 and would like to protect your money with FDIC insurance, IntraFi Network Deposits may be a convenient solution.

“By utilizing IntraFi Network Deposits, you are choosing simplicity and convenience; you’ll work with just one bank instead of many, which means you can establish a trusting relationship with your bank and feel secure that your large financial assets are well cared for and properly insured,” says Tamsen Leimer, F & M Community Bank’s Business Banking Expert.

If you’ve grown tired of negotiating interest rates on multiple CD investments, IntraFi Network Deposits may also be the solution for you. By using this system of investment, you’ll negotiate just one rate, and will no longer need to comb through multiple accounts and statements. Everything will be in one place, which equals less confusion and manual labor for you in the long run.


What are the benefits of IntraFiNetwork Deposits? 

  • The ease of working directly with one bank that you know and trust
  • The security of FDIC insurance
  • One interest rate instead of many
  • A competitively higher CD rate than standard
  • One statement for easy monitoring of your assets

How can I use IntraFiNetwork Deposits for my business? 

“If your business is able to keep a balance of more than the standard $250,000 that is insured by the FDIC, IntraFi Network Deposits (formerly ICS or Insured Cash Sweep) can be a great way to ensure all the funds in your account are protected,” Tamsen explains. “This gives you the ability to keep up to $160,000,000 FDIC-insured while still keeping your funds liquid, and the perk of a competitive interest rate."

Much like IntraFi Network Deposits for individuals, your deposits will be broken down and spread between various FDIC-insured banks, while ensuring that you remain FDIC compliant. Your bank takes care of everything, so your investments are convenient and easy to manage.

"Business savings accounts may be perfect for the business owner who uses their account solely to house their money in a FDIC- protected space, however, for the owner looking to increase their earning potential, IntraFi Network Deposits provides a unique opportunity,” says Tamsen. Account holders with IntraFi Network Deposits receive more competitive savings account rates than the standard business savings account, but maintain the perk of managing it all through one bank.

Unlike a traditional business CD where your money is set aside to accrue interest untouched, IntraFi Network Deposits for businesses allows your money to stay liquid while still accruing a competitive interest amount daily.

What are the benefits of IntraFiNetwork Deposits for businesses? 

  • The security of FDIC insurance on large sums of money
  • Convenience of working with one trusted bank
  • Having access to your funds
  • Peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure


F & M Community Bank is proud to offer both IntraFi Network Deposits opportunities for businesses and individuals. Keep your large deposits safe and insured, while maintaining the trusted relationship you’ve come to rely on with F & M Community Bank. If you have questions or want to learn more about how we can be a partner for you and your assets, get in touch. You can reach us online or toll-free at (800) 950-4745.

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