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Debit Cards

Add Convenient Access to Your Checking Account

Debit cards are a useful tool for everyone. Whether you want to make a quick purchase at the grocery store or buy a new TV in an online store, your debit card makes it easier to purchase the items you need while easily tracking how much you spend. Your card is connected directly to your checking account, and whenever you make a purchase, the funds are withdrawn from your checking account.

Debit Card Benefits

  • Available for any  F & M Community Bank checking account
  • Maintain 24/7 access to your account balance
  • Make it easier to make online or in-store purchases
  • Track your transactions in Online Banking
  • Safer than carrying cash or checks
  • Easy to replace if card is lost or stolen
  • Withdraw money from your deposit accounts at any ATM
  • Surcharge-free ATMs available via MoneyPass ATM network

CardValet® App

Controlling your debit card has never been easier. With the CardValet app, you can gain more control over how you use your debit card. From setting spending limits to turning off your card if you want to, CardValet makes everything easy for you. 

Download CardValet Informational Brochure

Download the CardValet App to Your Device

Activating Your Debit Card

If you've received a new card recently, activating it is easy. Simply call 800-992-3808 to activate your card. You can also call this number at any time if you would like to create or change your PIN.