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Rural Finance Authority Programs

Rural Finance Authority Programs

F & M Community Bank is proud to offer our well-deserving agricultural clients with an additional source of funding. We work closely with the Rural Finance Authority (RFA) to secure budget-friendly financing that might not be available to a growing operation otherwise.

Benefit from a wide range of financing programs, each for different purposes with unique criteria, including restructure, livestock expansion, disaster recovery, and more. We love nothing more than seeing our agriculture clients and the local community succeed. Speak with an F & M representative about whether your operation is eligible for one of these loans today.

  • Rural Finance Authority (RFA) is Minnesota's main agricultural lending arm
  • Enacted in order to develop the state's agricultural resources
  • Secure terms and conditions not typically available otherwise
  • Typically lower rates than charged by other private lenders
  • A wide range of programs available for specific purposes — each with individual borrower criteria and other details:
  • Basic Beginning Farmer
  • Seller-sponsored
  • Agricultural Development Bond
  • Agricultural Improvement
  • Restructure II
  • Livestock Expansion
  • Value-added Stock
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Methane Digester
  • Livestock Equipment
  • Pilot Agricultural Microloan Program
  • Local Southeastern Minnesota decision-making and processing for quick approvals
  • Detailed service from start to finish
  • Knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions you might have
  • Easy, 24/7 online account access available once the loan is finalized

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To lean more about RFA loans, visit the RFA website.


In general, a borrower must be the principal operator of a farm who is also (1) a Minnesota resident, (2) a member of a family-owned and -operated farm corporation, or (3) a member of a family-owned and -operated farm partnership. Beyond these general requirements, many programs have their own eligibility rules. To focus support on smaller beginning farmers, several programs limit eligibility to those whose net worth falls below an inflation-adjusted threshold.