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Get instant alerts about suspicious debit card transactions. SHAZAM BOLT$ monitors your account constantly — so you don't have to. Download the app to your iPhone®, Android™, or tablet device to receive email alerts about potential fraudulent purchases.

Experience peace of mind. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you'll know what's happening with your account.

  • Free app available for iPhone®, Android™, and tablets
  • Get instant alerts for:
  • Transactions over a preset amount
  • Online, telephone, and mail order purchases
  • Check account balances on the go
  • Smart, efficient fraud protection


User Guide (PDF)

Learn About Debit Cards

Learn About Identity Theft Prevention

Get Started

1. Download the app to your iPhone®, Andriod™, or tablet device.

2. Launch the app.

3. Click "New User" to register.

4. Enter your full debit card number.

5. SHAZAM will verify that it's your card.

6. Save your user profile alert preferences.

And you're done! Securing your account is that simple.

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