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Our History: 1911 and Beyond


City of Chatfield is established.


City of Preston is established.


F & M Community Bank was organized on March 27, 1911, with Tollef Sanderson as its President. At that time, it was called Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Preston with a capital of $25,000.00. The bank was located in a building on the south side of the courthouse square in Preston.


Wilson “Wils” A. Garratt became President and CEO until his retirement in 1967. Community involvement played a large role in Wil’s life. Wils received a plaque in honor of 50 years of service in banking at ceremonies during the 82nd Annual Convention of the Bankers Association.


A. L. Christianson became President and CEO and obtained controlling interest of the bank. Taking care of the employees of the bank, its customers, and the community was of utmost importance to Al.


Daniel “Dan” M. Christianson became Chairman / President. The son of A. L. Christianson, Dan mirrored his father as a family-oriented leader with a focus on community involvement.


F & M Community Bank opens an office in Chatfield, MN.


F & M Community Bank celebrates 100th anniversary.